Friday, June 6, 2008

Horrid horrid traffic and rains!!!!

3rd June came as a wonderful suprise with the heat finally being countered by the rains! It was raining very beautifully at town side, and I was enjoying the rains sitting cozily in my arm chair, watching movies!

It rained in suburbs the day later, but in suburbs the rain just feels more of a nuicence than enjoyment! There is so much traffic jams in suburbs add to that the rain trickling down your face especially for the auto and the 2-wheelers, and the hidden potholes! GODDDD!

There is so much flyover, road contruction etc going on, that it takes ages to reach from the airport to borivali, really aggeessssssssss! Just take the example of today, I had stayed over at borivali yesterday and had to come to office in the morning, left early in the morning as I had to cover around 37-40kms(borivali to horniman circle) It took me 1 hour 30 mins to reach to the Airport which is just 15 kms and after i crossed the airport, I reached in 45 mins to office that is around 25 kms! Simply amazing!!!

Town is so well organized, not much traffic congestion, potholes, no nuicence rickshaws, order around, feels nice! Suburbs on the other hand are just hopeless! Just wondering why such a big difference, that too in a city itself, it feels like two different cities!

There are three major fly over works happening between borivali and vile parle, thats perhaps leading to this congestion! I cant quite understand, when the MMRDA understands that people flock from Suburbs to the town for work in the morning and back in the evening! How can it have all three flyovers in the same region going on at the same time? Neither do i understand how is J kumar getting all the work! Each and every road construction, flyover is being done by J Kumar, just amazing, arent there any other firms who can construct flyovers? Just smells fishy, talk about monopoly!

These flyovers are gonna take atleast 6 months more to be ready! Till that time perhaps there aint gonna be any respite, add rising oil/petrol prices to the equation! What you do get is.................. very irritated people!

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