Sunday, February 10, 2008

Smile while you bleeding!!!!!

My tragedy’s different
My life’s deep, listen,
My past is everything , wrong, and my arrogance
Walk down the stairs pissin’
Cop us cuz they’re bitchin’
life isnt fair, singin’

I should run, forfit, and everything I know LISTEN,

I was
The misdirected
I was
The least expected
Hop on
And get rejected
Walk on
And feel neglected
I feel
Like im the message
But Im the message

Im the last prolific remaining offer from the gutter
was my girlfriend
We was younger
I was scarred yo
I survived though
It’s came easy
the games needs me
Never let them see me down, smile while Im bleeding
It hurt me that you never listened
It cant be the same
I had to grow my intuision
Had me deep in pain
Cause i knew my options were either broke or the prison chains
I can’t do it
I can’t see it, look
Damnit, I can’t blow it
I got a judge tellin me my lifes key
they will throw it
nuh-uh, no sir
i plan to have a chauffeur
it seems to me this chopping crack is really going no where
I’m resurrected
They call me
The poor Injection
I infect you with the real
The Dustyfeetphilosahectagos
I spit, so sick
I skid out
Im fallin’
I’m Shit outta luck and I’m trapped but ill get out
Can You Help me
Im goin crazy
My fists bloody and blistered
a pair Like im balistic
I just stare at the red and smile while im bleedin
There are a few things you gotta take into acount
im not an entertainer i’ve never been a clown
i would walk with the kids that would bbbrrraaaa a sound ah
never really thought i’d make it to fourteen
and anybody wanted to fight i was most keen
plus i had a little temper it was often forseen
you get laughed at for being so insensitive to the environment
cause how will you be heard when those big boys are firin’
but please, please, please, please
but never let em see you down smile while you bleedin’

When your struggilin
When Your in jail
When your dead broke
And the rents due
You aint got friends now
And no one knows you
Never let them see you down smile while you bleeding
When he leaves you
Cause girl he needs you
Plenty single mothers cry the tears you do
Dispite the war
despite the pain yo
Never let them see you down smile while you bleeding

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